2015 Fall Class Current Members

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arantza rodriguez


Wharton, Healthcare Management, 2019

Other Involvements: Alpha Phi, Mex@Penn, Wharton Latino, Friars Senior Society

Why Funk? Funk is my home away from home. The diversity, creativity, talent and passion of each member of this group continues to inspire me and has allowed me to grow as a dancer, choreographer and person.

3 fun facts: I'm Mexican, I love Italian food, and my favorite thing to do is spending time at the beach


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kandyce henson


College, BBB, 2019

Other Involvements: Lambda board

Why Funk? Since joining Funk my freshman year at Penn, it has become so much more than a simple dance group or extracurricular activity. Funk has become my family and my escape from the daily stressors of life as a Penn student. We have a very diverse group of dancers, each with a unique style of dancing and choreography, and I think that is what makes Funk so special, both to me and Penn as a whole.

3 fun facts:  have a turtle birthmark, I love to write, and I have a majestic blind poodle named Georgie who is the love of my life


tiffany yue