2016 Fall Class Current Members

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kelley yu


College, Communications, 2020

Other Involvements: Sigma Psi Zeta

Why Funk? One of the reasons why I love Funk is because of how diverse the group is - I would have never met these amazing people if not for Funk. Everyone is so talented in their own way and so different but somehow it works out perfectly because we all share the same passion for dance. I love my Funk family so much <3

3 fun facts: I can wax eyebrows, I have pet chickens back home, I like to make cocktails



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olivia shammas


Nursing 2020, Minor in Global Health

Other Involvements: Alpha Phi sorority

Why Funk? I love to dance because it allows me to express myself in ways that words cannot. It keeps me active and happy and there’s nothing better than the feeling of dancing and knowing that you’re pushing yourself beyond your limits while showing your heart to the world. Funk is my home and my family and people I can truly let loose and be myself around. Everyone is so incredibly talented and I’m super lucky to be part of such an incredible community

3 fun facts: I’m obsessed with hedgehogs, I’m under 5 ft tall, I love to travel

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walter little


College, Communications & Consumer Psychology, 2019

Other Involvements:  Alpha Kappa Psi, Penn Club Gymnastics, SPECtrum, SPEC Concerts, Black Wharton, Natives at Penn, Wharton Retail Club

Why Funk?  I love Funk because the only thing that can limit a piece is a choreographer's creativity.

3 fun facts: I am a two time National Youth Step Champion My Favorite Color is Red I worked at NASA for two summers