2017 Fall Class Current Members

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Eric wang


College, Architecture, 2021

Other Involvements: Phi Fraternity, Assembly of International Students 

Why Funk? I love Funk because Funk is my first family at Penn and helped me transition into college. Although I had only been dancing for two months before auditioning for Funk, Funk was very supportive and helped me to gain more confidence in my own dancing. Dancing in general is just so fun, and I get to truly be myself while dancing.

3 fun facts: I have been to all the Disneyland/ Disney World except the one at home (Shanghai), I have to go through the foreigners immigration line when I go home because I have a US passport, I love fruits

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Hannah Lottenberg


College, Sociology & Communications, 2021

Other Involvements: Kite & Key Tour Guide, Marketing for Table Talk, Choreography for TAC-e

Why Funk? Funk is my family at Penn. It is an outlet to express myself creatively and bond with such diverse people over the love of dance. Funk pushes me to be a more versatile, motivated, and creative dancer. I have to dance, and I am so grateful Funk is the home that I found. 

3 fun facts: I don't have a middle name, one of my thumbs is smaller than the other, I can't sleep with my feet under the covers

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joey panganiban

College, Undecided, 2021

Other Involvements: AKPsi, PPA, CityStep

Why Funk? I love dancing because it allows me to express myself and to just let go. More importantly, I love dance because it brings people together. I'm happy to be able to do what I love with the people I love.

3 fun facts: I don't eat fruits, i laugh at my own jokes, i love junk food

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Maddie Thompson


College, Health & Societies, 2021

Other Involvements: Club Soccer, Soundworks Tap Factory, Greek LIfe

Why Funk? Funk has made me realize the universality in the happiness that dancing provides me. I had never danced with people of such diverse backgrounds before joining funk, and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to find a dance environment in college that I felt as happy to be a part of as I was in high school.  I have a family in which I am genuinely interested in and encouraged to continue expanding the boundaries of my own style. 

3 fun facts: 1.- I enjoy eating crunchy peanut butter with dill pickles. 2.- I met Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller) when I was in a stroller. 3.- I'm the only one in my family that likes boys hehe :)

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Michaele Freeman


College, Undecided, 2021

Other Involvements: MAPS

Why Funk? I love Funk because I get to be around people, who are just as passionate about dance as I am. Dance is my way of expressing myself and I don’t know who I would be without it. I’m glad I joined Funk because it is truly a family with such diverse backgrounds and areas of talent. This group has made my Penn experience thus far so much better.

3 fun facts: I play piano, I love pizza, I am an only child