2017 Spring Class Current Members

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Brandon Brown


Engineering, Digital Media Design, 2020

Other Involvements: The Inspiration, 4A (African American Arts Alliance)

Why Funk? I love Funk because you can freely express yourself while also learning more about dance styles you may have never considered before. Funk pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you realize that you can do more than what you thought you could, and there are other people there to cheer you on and genuinely help you grow.

3 fun facts:  I make rap music, I can play the trumpet, and I used to have a business selling gum



kimberly lantigua


New York, NY

College, French and Francophone Studies, 2019

Other Involvements: Grupo Quisqueyano, Onda Latina, Osiris Senior Society, Cipactli Senior Society

Fun Fact: I can speak 3 languages

Why Funk? What is there to not love about Funk?! It's a group full of the baddest bitches on campus! What I will say though is that Funk always challenges me to be better than I was the day before-- it keeps me hungry and creative. I couldn't ask for a more dedicated, swaggy group of people.


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mark dong


College, PPE, 2020

Other Involvements: Freaks of the Beat, Grace Covenant Church, Christian Union at Penn

Why Funk? The prime example of a community forming through the love of dancing. Everyone's so talented and I'm really grateful for the people who really helped me get comfortable within the group (they're alumni now). I've met some of my closest mentors within this group and joining funk was one of the best decisions I've made in college.

3 fun facts: I'm an Eagle Scout, I love macaroons but I'm allergic, I'm colorblind

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Olivia Diong


College, Communications, 2020

Other Involvements: PIMMH (Penn Initiative for Minority Mental Health), Penn Fashion Collective

Why Funk? Dancing makes me feel free. I am usually stressed at Penn but I am rarely stressed in the context of dance; it allows me to express myself like no other platform can and has connected me with so many amazing people.

3 fun facts: I grew up moving to a new country every three years(Kenya, Senegal, Thailand, Australia, China), I make wigs and do makeup, I cut my hair off senior year of high school.