2018 Spring Class Current Members

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Daniel Seo


Drexel, Hotel Management, 2021

Why Funk? I love Funk because it gives me a space to immerse myself in creativity. Funk also always challenges and improves my dance skills all the time. I love dancing because it allows me to express my daily struggles and emotions in a healthy way. If I wasn’t a dancer, I don’t think I would be the same person that many people know me as today. Dance is life and FUNK is my fam

3 fun facts: I love to play the drums, sing, and play workout 6 times a week.

Jose lopez


College, French Language and Francophone Studies, 2019

Other Involvements: Onda Latina

Why Funk? I love Funk because it gives me an outlet to be free, to be myself, to feel at home. Funk and Onda have made my time here at Penn worth it, they both make me so happy.

3 fun facts: I love Disney, I’m cute, I’m thick


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Kirsten bArboza


College, undecided (BBB), 2021

Other Involvements: MAPS

Why Funk? I love dance because it helps me express emotions words cannot convey. I love Funk because we not only support each other on the dance floor, but also throughout our everyday lives.

3 Fun Facts: 1) I can bake 2) I can wiggle my ears 3) I’m working on becoming ambidextrous