Strictly Funk is the premiere hip-hop and contemporary dance group here at the University of Pennsylvania. The company was formed in 1997 with the intention of transcending the traditional boundaries of dance. It has been developing a performance culture of its own ever since. This diverse company of 20+ members from the Penn undergraduate and graduate schools, as well as the greater Philadelphia area, seeks to explore hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, free-styling, lyrical, breaking, locking, popping, and funk, while still recognizing the personal styles of individual dancers. Funk has no limits. 

Each Funk show features an overarching theme, of which all numbers aim to explore from a different perspective. Theatrical dances and scenes implore both the audience and the dancers themselves to reconsider conventional paradigms through experimenting with movement. Shows run on a continuous soundtrack, breaking only for intermission, while also incorporating elaborate video and lighting.

A Strictly Funk production is not just a performance; it's an experience.